Complete solution for abstract management

AbstractAgent™ is an intelligent, advanced and swift system that sets the standard of abstract management.

Collection Evaluation Management

*AbstractAgent™ meets all needs of abstract management. Engaged in a short time, saves your time and it is cost effective.

Therefore, it is the most widely used system in its region.

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Collect, evaluate, manage ...

  • Offer very intuitive, user-friendly screens to authors. No more to waste time on submitting abstracts and contents by complex steps.
  • Assign reviewers easily and just in minutes to collected abstracts then provide them to evaluate in variety of scoring alternatives.
  • To group evaluated abstracts, make decision like accepted, rejected or many of type, add presentation details and announce to authors & corresponding contact.
  • Publish abstracts online or/and offline in CD, DVD with search option.

What can you do with AbstractAgent™?

• Collection of abstracts
• Evaluation by reviewers
• Judge by Master reviewer
• Prepare to print-publication
• Online announcements

All processes performs as online. Moreover, you can perform surveys; integrate abstracts with built-in e-posters, scientific program, speaker-inviter system and mobile apps.

Abstract Book and author index can create instantly at the end of the process of collection and evaluation. Also we can provide e-book of abstracts with search facility to record any CD, flash memory or any media.

How it works?

AbstractAgent™ offers clear and accurate solution for you without setup, hosting or any other hidden fees. It begins serving in short time and collect abstracts as about 5 minutes.

You can add submission button in a minute to your website. AbstractAgent operates independently and no need to make any settings.

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Advantages of the System

  • Online submissions saves time, speeds up the process and organization of an unprecedented manner.
  • All abstracts collects uniform in rules.
  • Search function in abstracts and users provides full sovereignty to system administrators.
  • All abstracts and author index are downloadable in MS Word format.
  • Acceptance, rejection and presentation information sends to the authors via system in minutes.
  • Multilingual help-desk to users by professionals.
  • Safe 100% with the experience in the hundreds of operations of LookUs Scientific since 1999.

The Advanced Collection and Evaluation System

AbstractAgent™ developed in years and has used for more then 1300 organizations and managed more than 300.000 abstracts**. You’ll enjoy when you start using the many features that offer convenience to you.


** Values between Feb 2002 and Sep 2018.

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